Why own This Map

The map front

This is a current, unique, old style Fairmount Park map for travelers and locals alike in the city of Philadelphia, who want to explore this excellent park.

The map includes the bike travel and accuracy of roads

which have been color coded for the following: bike lanes, roads with shoulders, side paths, off road trails and roads designed just for car traffic. This makes exploring the park more comfortable for those not familiar with the ease in which it can be traveled whether you are walking, biking, rollerblading or driving.

It also includes terrain plus points of interest. 

All this was checked by the map maker to insure accuracy in the name of having fun biking in the park. 

Note: off road trail information is rare. And trail heads are still mostly left for you to find.

The map was styled after 16th century European maps 

for their beauty and ability to show so much more than roads. Old maps are attractive and enticing. Of course, there weren't so many roads back then, so the information was different and more all encompassing. Our current emphasis on car travel and how to get rapidly from point a to b, is not entirely the point with this map. The entire point is go, be safe, explore, have fun and do so with a lovely map in your hand.

Own this map...as a guide for roaming the great outdoors in the form of a pocket map, or to grace your study as a SIGNED PRINT.

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*This map refers to Fairmount Park (FP) proper, located along both sides on the Schuylkill River, going from the Art Museum area north for about 4 miles upriver. Technically, FP refers to the whole city park sysyem of 63 parks and 9,200 acres while FP proper refers to the original park, what this map shows.

For more on the origins and history of the park see...


Created by Kim Alsbrooks